Pure Effect Water Filters

pure effect water filters

Pure Effect Water Filters

Want the best overall water filter for your home, office or RV? Pure Effect Water Filters are that by a country mile. I’m sure you know by now that if you value your health and sanity, you should not drink tap water period. There are just too many toxic heavy metals, radiation, viruses, pathogens, flushed prescription medicines, brain eating amoeba and industrial chemicals that are still alive and running amok in your tap water. Having the best water filter you can get is no longer a luxury but a necessity!


The pure effect water filters are the top of the line and easiest to install of all home water filters. That is the purpose of this pure effect water filter review to show you exactly why you will want to choose this filter over all others. And, it removes all the nasties that all other filters can’t, because of it’s micronized zeolite filters and ultraviolet filters (UV filters) that are in the best water purification units you can get.


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Pure Effect Water Filter Review

This Pure Effect Water Filter Review will show you the benefits of these advanced water filters and how it can protect you from all the stuff you don’t see in your drinking water, but is there and can damage your health. This one, pictured above is the one I love most as it is simple, easy to install, easy to replace filters, yet one of the most powerful water filters on the planet, even besting Reverse Osmosis units, which are considered the gold standard.


Only the Pure Effects filters have natural zeolite in them, and that is a very powerful benefit that the others don’t have. Zeolites are amazing crystals that remove heavy metals, radiation, mycotoxins (mold, yeast, fungus), viruses and environmental chemicals like VOC’s, glyphosates, pesticides and chemicals. It is also an alkaline mineral, so it makes your drinking water a healthy pH level too. You can discover more about why this is such a great thing at: Zeolite Reviews.


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Fluoride Water Filter

The Pure Effects is a powerful Fluoride Water Filter. It removes toxic sodium fluoride, chlorine, lead, aluminum, barium, mercury, even nuclear radiation particles. It removes microbes, even the tiniest ones with it’s unique UV filter system. Sodium Fluoride is a waste product of aluminum processing plants and is put into most cities water districts. The water districts say it is protect your teeth from tooth decay! Really!


Sodium Fluoride does not prevent or treat tooth decay, period! It does the opposite, it causes dental fluorosis, which is nasty pitting and enamel erosion of your teeth. It also lowers your IQ by 10 points or more, especially in children and the elderly. It damages your DNA and weakens your immune system. You do not want it in your family’s drinking water, and Pure Effects removes it for you.


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Radiation Water Filter

The Pure Effects is unique in that is a Radiation Water Filter. It removes DNA and gene destroying radioactive particles, like Cesium 137, Plutonium and other harmful strains of radiation. It does this by it’s advanced micronized zeolite crystal filter unit that safely traps it before it gets to your drinking water. There is no other filter like this that can do it.


Once you get radiation into your body it lives a lot longer than you do, and it will absolutely wreak havoc in your body, because it scrambles your genetic code, so when your body makes new cells, they are not formed correctly. Zeolites can help if you have been exposed to radiation, through your water or even from a medical treatment or X-ray. 


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UV Water Filter

Pure Effects Water Filters also include a UV Water Filter or UV Water Purifier. Having an ultra violet light unit, means it has the power to remove even the smallest pathogens and microbes that can make you sick. Viruses, Bacteria, Worms, Insect Larvae, Pathogens, Amoeba and other microbes can make you fatally ill! They can cause severe stomach pain and even land you in a hospital. You need to make sure your water is free from these harmful microbes. 


You drink water to fill your body with the life giving molecule, not to poison your body. It is meant to be healthy and pure, the way it was before our modern civilization started dumping waste in your drinking water supply. Fortunately Ultraviolet Light Water Purifiers like the pure effect water filters can do this and give you clean, pure healthy drinking water, right in your own home.


Alkaline Water Filter System

The Pure Effects is also an Alkaline Water Filter System. It transforms your normal acidic water into a health promoting alkaline drinking water. There are so many benefits to alkaline water as it makes your body immune to most diseases and chronic conditions. Most chronic illness is due to inflammation, which is where your body is too acidic for too long, and it starts negatively affecting your health.


Cancers need and acidic body to thrive in, it can’t grow in an alkaline environment. Drink alkaline water and you can make your body as healthy and fit as it can be. It is great for pre or post workouts as the normal lactic acid that builds up in your body is quenched by drinking alkaline!

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Best Under Counter Water Filter

The Pure Effect Water Filter (pictured above) is so powerful it is classified as a Water Purifier and one of the very best ones at that! It gives you the water purification benefits of commercial grade at an economical value. The Best Under Counter Water Filter is the PureEffect Whole House System because it has zeolite in it that removes radiation, heavy metals and microbes naturally! 


It is a highly unique powerful water filter with Ultraviolet (UV water purification) as well as natural zeolite crystals (zeolite has a unique property that it safely absorbs radiation, fluoride and other heavy metals, viruses and can stop cancer). It’s a top of the line water filter system that is BPA free and gives you a properly balanced pH (alkaline) best tasting drinking water!


It also removes pesticide residues like Glyphosate from GMO Food production (which even the EPA says is harmful, and inhibits Viruses and Cancers! This zeolite based home water filter system is by far the best choice of anything else I’ve seen anywhere. You even has a UV water disinfection unit on it so it can filter out the tiniest of microbes, viruses and pathogens that normally live in your home tap water source.


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Kitchen Faucet Water Filter

Pure Effects also makes a beautiful looking Kitchen Faucet Water Filter. These are high quality water filters that easily attach to your kitchen faucet (just screw it on the end of your faucet) and your toxic tap water is not transformed into healthy alkaline pH balanced, chemical free, radiation free, microbe free, heavy metal free, fluoride free and safe great tasting drinking water.


There are quality finishes to match your kitchen design and color preferences. They work even more beautifully than they look. They are all lead and PCB free water saving filters, so you can use them with confidence that you now have the best kitchen water filter you can get. 


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Compare Water Filters

Here is a good way to compare water filters to find the best one for your own individual needs and preference. Whole House Water Filter Comparison showing the most common type of water filtration for your home.  It begins with the main types of home water filters; Water Distillers, Reverse Osmosis, and Water Ionizers.  Some home water filters can include a mix of different types of filters on one unit (pre-filters for specific purification issues for your local water district.)  


Distilled Water makes “empty water” as almost everything is removed, including some beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium making the water acidic. This can lead to osteoporosis and many chronic diseases if you use it long-term. The one time it is beneficial is to make herbal medicines or to use as a base for teas, or where you are detoxing everything in your body, including your bone mass!  


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Water Filters for Home

The best Water Filters for Home use are Pure Effect Home Water Filters. To remove all the heavy metals and the radiation that is now in our water supplies (thanks to the Fukushima disaster) you need a filter that has natural zeolite crystals in it, and the PureEffect water filters are the only one that has this advanced mineral filtering in it. It has the power of Reverse Osmosis Systems without the complicated installation and priming you normally have to do with RO systems. Plus it makes your drinking water alkaline and healthy. The alkaline water is what gives water it’s fresh, clean taste too.


Reverse Osmosis System is the whole house and home filter that most professional installers use. It produces highly purified water that has most everything removed from it, including most contaminants like fluoride and heavy metals, though not all radiation. If you are buying your water in a water kiosk or store they typically combine it with UV treatment to also get the pathogens (microbes like bacteria, amoeba, protozoa, giardia, viruses, etc.) Unless they add in alkaline minerals the water will be acidic and not has healthy as filtered alkaline water.  


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Best Whole House Water Filter System

There many different sizes of Pure Effect filter from small one cartridge kitchen or bathroom units to well water filter systems and up to whole house water filter systems. In fact it is the best whole house water filter system you can find because it has some special qualities and filtering technologies that no other type filter has. It has a high flow capacity and rust proof design that has all kind of added benefits over your standard reverse osmosis system. Reverse Osmosis systems are very good, and should be used for commercial purposes, industrial applications or big food service industries. The best large capacity whole house water filter right now is the Aquasana Whole House Water Filter (Pictured above.)


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Pure Effect Filters

For your home though, I greatly prefer the pure effect filters. It is way easier to install and maintain. It wastes less water and takes less space too. It is powerful enough to get out all the real bad stuff that comes in from your city’s water source into your home. Chlorine and fluoride are toxic, particularly when they turn to chlorine gas in your bath, shower or during hot water usage. Pure effect removes them so your shower or bath is truly refreshing. No more red eyes, asthma and allergies from your water.


It stops the excess skin and hair drying that those chemicals do to you. They also lower your immune system, so if you value your health, you will get them removed! pure effect water filters do that for you. They even have UV (ultra violet) filters that you can add on to remove the most harmful and tiny living organisms that may otherwise creep into your water supply and make you sick. I can’t recommend this system enough if you need a great home water filter that is the easiest of them all to install! To see the current prices, availability and filter options just click on the Pure Effects Filter image above to get your own Pure Effect Water Filters Now!

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  1. What is the best filter for my whole house and family ?

    • HolisticOrganicHealth

      It depends on your needs. Is your water system “fluoridated?” Is it using well water? If you want a simple under the faucet system then the Pure Effects Basic System will do just fine. Depends on if it is light, normal or heavy usage too.

  2. 780 TDS, PH 7.5 Water smells and tastes clean with no obvious staining. Hard on hair that looks and feels like a hay bale. Need system to address high TDS which is mostly calcium and magnesium. Don’t like sodium softeners and TDS too high for RO?

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