Alkaline Water Filter System

Alkaline Water System

Alkaline Water Filter System

Your health is your greatest wealth, as you can have all the income in the world, but if you aren't healthy or happy enough to use it, then it does absolutely nothing for you. Having your own alkaline water filter system can be the best natural health investment you can make for yourself and your family.


I'm sure you've heard or seen a lot about people who are saying they are now drinking alkaline water for their health and to benefit their physical performance, fitness levels an even prevent chronic inflammation and terminal diseases like cancer. Looking and feeling your best is a noble cause.


How Does Alkaline Water Work


Does Alkaline Water Work

How Does Alkaline Water Work? You may have heard some “experts” say that you don't need to have an alkaline body to be healthy. Or that your body can't make use of alkaline foods and beverages, even water. People that drink it, particularly athletes that need to be on the top of their games, swear by it. The only way to tell for sure scientifically is to see inside your body and how alkaline water affects your blood cells.


Blood tests show different results however. When you see how drinking alkaline and particularly high ORP ionized alkaline water affects how your red blood cells carry life giving oxygen and hydrogen to all cells and organs in your body (especially your brain and heart.) Watch the following video to see for yourself and be in the know!


Blood Sample Experiment Part One


Why is Alkaline Water Good for You?

Why is Alkaline Water Good for You? Athletes and people who value their physical appearance regularly drink alkaline water. It helps the body get rid of lactic acid, which builds up in your tissues when you do any type of exercise, limiting your performance and causing pain and inflammation. I drink alkaline water during and after I exercise (natural bodybuilding, hiking, power walking, etc.) Disease can't live in an alkaline body and most all chronic diseases are acidic, so you can easily see how this is so important to not only prevent chronic diseases like arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer's and even cancer. 


Alkaline water's minerals and high pH level makes your blood less sticky so it can easily flow where it is needed for health and performance, particularly for your heart and brain. Your health and happiness is the best gift you have to give yourself, friends, family and loved ones. People that love and admire you would rather see you healthy and vibrant than almost anything else. I enjoy investing time with those that are healthy and in positive spirits more than anything else. Drinking alkaline water can help you enjoy more of both.


benefits of alkaline water


Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

What are the health benefits of alkaline water? Well, we do know that we can't live a healthy life on earth without access to clean drinking water. No argument there. But is drinking an alkaline pH drinking water any better than clean water? There are so many health and healing benefits to drinking alkaline water as you are about to discover. I personally use an alkaline water filter system to make sure I have the best overall health and physical appearance I possibly can. 


Alkaline water is healing to your body, and you can usually feel it after you drink it. Once you start drinking alkaline water regularly, you will not want to drink other more acidic waters (like bottled or tap water.). I carry my own refillable water bottle because I love the taste and benefits of alkaline water now that I've been using it for about 3 years now. I am also helping save plastic waste, excess oil usage, and saving a ton of income by having my own alkaline water filter. 


ph level of water


pH Drinking Water

What is pH Drinking Water? Water has a pH (parts hydrogen) level to it's structure. The higher the pH, the more alkaline it is. The lower the pH, the more acidic it is. Under normal conditions your body will desire a balanced pH level, which is slightly alkaline. Tap water is usually around 6.0-7.0 pH and slightly acidic. Your body always seeks to balance its pH level to remain in optimum health. If you drink tap water, it is slightly acidic so your body will balance its pH level by taking minerals from your body, usually your bones and joints to elevate your blood pH levels to around 7.0


If your drinking water is more alkaline then it has extra parts hydrogen to add to strengthen your bones and joints. Both types of pH water have their benefits and advantages. You can use Acidic Water like distilled water to detox your body better than anything else. It is an empty water without any added minerals so it removes hardened minerals in your body which can be highly beneficial as in getting rid of arterial plaque (calcium deposits) and arthritis by using it short-term (see: Water Distiller Review).  


distilled water vs alkaline water


Alkaline vs Acidic Water

Alkaline vs Acidic Water. Acidic water has little or no mineral content in it (which is what makes the water alkaline). When you drink an acidic pH water, your body will try and normalize it to a neutral pH, it’s normal state. It does this by robbing Peter to pay Paul so to speak. It takes the minerals out of your bones and connective tissues to make your body a balanced pH. That's why you don't want to drink distilled water when you are not specifically detoxing or using it for a specific purpose. 


Drinking acidic water can lead to osteoporosis and chronic diseases as they feed of acids in the body. Sugars are acids, as is why they are often blamed as a culprit for diabetes, arthritis, heart conditions, infections and even cancers. Having an acidic body can also lead to advanced aging (AGE theory of aging) as well as have unhydrated saggy and overly wrinkled skin. Drinking Alkaline Water with a good ORP rating will help reverse that.


best alkaline water filters


Best Alkaline Water 

What is the Best Alkaline Water? Alkaline drinking water is usually found at levels between 8.5 pH and 10.5 pH, for human or pet consumption. Anything higher than that is too alkaline (think alkaline battery). The best alkaline drinking water has not only alkaline minerals in it, but also it should be structured for maximum hydration so your body can make use of it. If the molecules are not structure or micro-clustered they are not as absorbable and you get drinking water that still leaves you thirsty no matter how much you drink. It can make you feel even more thirsty!


The best alkaline water for drinking also has more hydrogen parts per molecule and that is what makes it more alkaline and healing It is also called H2 hydrogen water. It has high ORP and antioxidant and anti-aging benefits as well. It is full of energy unlike empty waters or low pH acidic waters like tap or even most bottled waters. It is full of healthy electrolytes unlike sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade which are filled with fake sugars that are worse than natural sugars. Better yet is alkaline ionized water that has all the above benefits without anything to slow you down!


oxidative reduction potential


ORP Water 

Alkaline Water is great tasting water because of alkaline minerals in it. It has some good health benefits, although it can be many times better if you get your alkaline water with a high ORP Water rating. ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is a “potential” stored energy. When this potential energy is activated and released it becomes kinetic energy or energy your body can use for healing or performance. The higher the ORP the better energy level of the water. Alkaline water is simply mineral water. Using an alkaline Water Ionizer hydrogenates and structures your water and gives it that highest ORP rating you can get. It is the most energized source of liquid nutrition on the planet!


You can help prevent and even reverse this by giving your body the best hydration it can use – Alkaline Water. The foods we eat and beverages we drink are usually highly acidic. Fast foods, processed foods, eating more than 30 grams of carbohydrates per serving, or drinking sodas make your body acidic, unhealthy and fatten you up. It makes the surface tension of the water better usable by the body. The benefit is more hydrating, it can be absorbed into more cells that need it. That's the reason why when you drink normal acidic water, you can drink a gallon and still be thirsty. It's not all about the volume of water you drink but the quality. 


best alkaline filters


Best Alkaline Water Machines

The best alkaline water machines are alkaline water ionizers, as they improve the pH as well as the ORP of your drinking water. They microcluster and structure your water so your body can become fully hydrated and have the benefit of added electrical potential for all your body functions (improved brain cognition, tissue healing, and physical performance.) Drinking Alkaline Ionized water will help when you have excess stomach acid or an upset stomach (think baking soda), or overeating carbs  (carbohydrates need an alkaline digestion, proteins need acidic) at one sitting.


Choose the alkaline water filter system that is right for your personal or family need. I personally recommend and use my Alkaline Water Ionizer, and refill my own BPA free bottle, and take it with me wherever I go. I can't purchase any water better than what I make myself. It's not even close. I tried to drink a Dasani or Aquafina, and they taste like chemicals now. I didn't know what I was missing till I actually tried it.


Here are the best alkaline water systems you can use for your own needs and lifestyle:

Now it's pure hydrating alkaline water for me from now on. And it helps me feel fully hydrated and more energetic and with a clearer mind and best performance at whatever I do. Now it's your turn to get all the benefits of ionized alkaline water, and you will never go back to unhealthy drinking water. If you want the best of the best then look at the AlkaViva Water Ionizer below:


best water ionizer


Boroux Water Filters

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