Best Water Distiller

Best Water Distiller

Distilled Water is a water purification method that boils water and then collects the steam that rises to the top and trickles down into a collector bottle or chamber. Water Distillation is an easy way to purify your water and remove almost everything. The Best Water Distiller can make home water distillation a breeze. Just add water into the main chamber, flip the switch and the distiller unit will transform the steam created into a jar or container full of newly distilled water!


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Is Distilled Water Safe to Drink?

Is Distilled Water Safe to Drink? Distilled water is really like natural rain water without the chemicals from “acid rain” or chemtrail residues. It is pure water, without any contaminants or minerals. Minerals are what make water alkaline. So distilled water is pure water, and acidic because it has no added minerals. Distilled Water is an “empty water” as the distillation process removes all minerals, including some beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium that would normally make the water a healthy alkaline.


Distilled water is absolutely safe to drink in most cases, particularly when doing a body detox, where you want to remove excess mineral deposits from your body. It is the preferred water to drink when you're trying to get rid of stored chemicals or when you're on a diet because it helps your body release junk calcium deposits that end up in your brain (Alzheimer's), your arteries (atherosclerosis) and joints (arthritis.) It is what you have to have to make colloidal silver liquid (with a colloidal silver generator) that makes this natural antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal for pennies per gallon, when it costs $50 for a small bottle.


Distilled water is indeed useful! It is used to make flower essences as well as homeopathic medicine. It is the defacto diet water. It makes your tea and coffee stronger, so you can use less of it because it extracts the flavor from its, whereas alkalline water is “full water” so it doesn't pull flavors and aromas from your tea and herbal beverages. You don't want to drink it too long, as it can weaken your bones and lead to osteoporosis if you drink it too long (without adding in alkaline minerals.)


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Benefits of Distilled Water

There are quite a few benefits of distilled water. Distilling Water makes the water highly acidic and useful primarily for doing a full body detox, or using it as a base for herbs, flowers or other concoctions that need an empty water so the carrier substances can infuse the water fully.  


Here is what distilled water can be used for:

  • Doing a full body detox
  • Helps remove tar from the lungs
  • Helps detoxify the pineal gland (3rd eye)
  • Helps remove excess mineral deposits from the joints
  • Helps draw out acne clogged pores
  • Helps clean the organs, and removes excess matter from stored body fat
  • Used to make flower essences, herbal formulas, and anything requiring an empty water base


It is by far the best water to use when you want to get the body to remove excess chemicals, mineral deposits, or other things that have been stored in your body, organs and body fat. 



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Distilled vs Purified Water

The uses of Distilled vs Purified Water are like night and day. Distilling your water will purify it, and make it free from most additives, though not all fluoride, radiation or very small particles that can hide in steam. Purified water is water that has been purified by any method; reverse osmosis, distillation, ultrafiltration, etc. Most water purification methods, other than distillation, have added filters that can be added to bring the water to a neutral pH or even an alkaline pH.


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Solar Powered Water Distillation

You can even make your own water distiller in a pinch, which can save your life if you're stuck on a boat or are roughing it and don't have access to any other water purification method. There is a good book that takes you into emergency water purification that explains the best ways to get clean drinking water in an emergency called Prepper's Water Survival Guide.


You basically need to have a piece of plastic, sheet metal or other flat surface that isn't too thick. Then you place it at an angle over a source of water that you want to purify. Place a container below to catch the condensation that rises as steam from the sun's rays warming and drawing up the water you want distilled. Not the best method of water distillation but it can work in an emergency when you don't have access to an electric or non-electric water distiller.


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Home Water Distiller

Home Water Distillers come in all shapes and sizes. The most common ones are stainless steel box type water distiller units that are highly durable and last a very long time. They take the water from your source, usually tap water, and boil it until steam collects in special tubes. It then drips the collected steam into a glass jar as purified distilled water. There are many sizes from large to coffee pot sized units. The most common types are the Countertop Water Distillers.


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Non-Electric Water Distiller

Non-Electric Water Distillers are the best ones to have in case of an emergency. They can be used to boil water from gas burner, firewood, or other flammable cooking source. You simply place the unit with water in it, and turn on the flames. The water will boil away any impurities or disease causing organisms in your water, then turn it into steam vapor, and transform the condensation into pure distilled water. They are the most economical if you have the space and time to create distilled water using this method.


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Countertop Water Distiller

Countertop Water Distillers are the easiest to maintain and use on a regular basis. They are great when you want to have an emergency type water purification method, that will make your water safe from microbes. The home water distiller pictured above (Megahome Countertop Distiller) works pretty much like a simple coffee pot, input the water in the distiller, turn it on, and distilled water pours out into the glass container (that looks like a coffee pot!)


It is made of plastic and stainless steel, and is a highly compact design that you can even take on trips or vacations with you (so you don't get Montezuma's Revenge or Traveler's Diarrhea). Having one of these counter top distillers can prevent you from getting sick and spoiling your vacation!


The countertop water distiller pictured below is the one I recommend as it is highly durable made of stainless steel and rel sturdy construction (Stainless Steel Water Distiller). You add water, flip the switch and bingo – you have distilled water pouring out into the large glass jar. Either unit will give you distilled water, it just depends on your individual taste and needs. 


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