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Water Ionizer Machine

What is a Water Ionizer Machine, and why you should get one. Like our earth, your brain and body are also 70-80 percent water. The quality of the water you put in your body can either make you ill or make you healthy. Most water (tap and bottled alike) are acidic pH water. And tap water isn't filtered very well so you can be taking in a lot of chemicals, pesticides and metals like lead into your body and brain. When you get the best water ionizer machine it fills your body with the healthiest water you can get.

Water Ionizer Machine units are actually classified as health and healing devices in many Asian countries because of the positive effect it can have on your body and health. It not only produces high potency alkaline water (and separately acidic water for cleaning and watering plants) but also electrolyte rich micro-clustered super antioxidant healing water. The health benefits are numerous!


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What is Ionized Water?

What is Ionized Water? Ionized water is filtered drinking water that has its atoms split into acidic and alkaline molecules. They are separated into two different outlets, so they don't get mixed. This is done through electrolysis, which uses the naturally occurring electric charge found in minerals ions like magnesium and calcium. When water has become ionized, it can enhance the blood oxygen levels and act as a natural antioxidant that removes harmful contaminants and free radicals that cause premature aging in your body. 


A water ionizer machine gives you highly alkaline drinking water that has been filtered to remove all the contaminants before it gets ionized. The ionization makes the water cluster molecule much smaller, and this means it can penetrate more deeply into your cells. The deeper the water molecules can penetrate, the better it hydrates your body, provides oxygen to your cells and carries out waste products. You can feel the difference after drinking ionic water. Especially if you are into sports or need to heal from a chronic condition.


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Benefits of Ionized Water

What are the Benefits of Ionized Water? Ionized Water has all the benefits of Alkaline Water and then adds energy and electrical potential to it. It is really an antioxidant and super food all in one. Here are some of the top benefits of having your own alkaline water ionizer:

  • Makes the water a healthy Alkaline pH level
  • Improves blood oxygen levels
  • Powerful Anti-Oxidant 
  • Anti-Aging and Cellular Rejuvenation
  • Makes your body highly disease resistant (disease can't live in an alkaline environment)
  • Helps you recover from Hangovers
  • Improves Memory and Cognition
  • Gives you extra energy (the electrical properties of ionization)
  • Helps maintain heart health and cholesterol levels
  • Helps lubricate your joints and makes minerals easier to go where they are needed
  • Better sports recovery and rehydration, during and after exercise
  • Improves mood and sense of well-being

These are not all the benefits, but the most common ones. I love using my water ionizer, the way it makes the water taste, as well as the benefits I get while exercising and experiencing optimum wellness personally. So, what is an Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine?

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Alkaline Water Ionizer

A Water Ionizer Machine is really an Alkaline Water Ionizer that makes both highly alkaline and ionized water at the same time. It is a water purifier that takes ordinary tap water (or any other whole water source) and splits the water molecules into acid and alkaline (there are benefits of both types), adds electrical potential and makes the water molecule properly structured for maximum hydration and benefit to health. It is called high ORP (oxidation reduction potential) which is anti-aging because it quenches the free radicals (toxins) that age you.


Water Ionizers can be countertop units, under sink models or portable units. They have input and output chambers that give you both highly acidic water (which is like fertilizer for your plants) and also a natural anti-bacterial cleaner. You can use it instead of your normal household cleaning products, and it is safe for children and pets unlike most chemical cleansers.


You can control the amount of alkalinity or acidity you desire. Extreme acidic or alkaline water is really good for cleaning. For drinking, cooking and rinsing, I use between 8.5 – 9.5 pH, and save the acidic water that is also created for a good natural cleaning solution. See Water Ionizer Review for the top Water Ionizers Reviewed like Tyent, Kangen, Aqua-Pro, Alkaviva and others.


Water Ionizer Reviews


Best Water Ionizer

The Best Water Ionizer machine is Tyent Ace alkaline water ionizer machine. It is used by high end athletes, motivational speakers to top doctors because their health is their livelihood. One thing they all have in common is they discovered to be the best they have to become the best. And what they fill their body with becomes them. When they tried the Tyent water ionizers they would not go back to drinking regular tap or even alkaline water.


I tried it myself because my friend (a UFC competitor) showed me what he drinks pre and post workout so he doesn't get as tired or sore afterward. And I was amazed by the taste and how soothing it is to my body and mind. It really does have that effect, and that is why they give you an in home 75 day free trial and a forever lifetime warranty because they know it works! I refill my own water bottles with this stuff and everyone who tries it says they can now taste the difference between the store bottled waters (chemical aftertastes to them.)


Getting your own water ionizer machine is probably the best thing you can do to improve your health and performance levels and make your life disease resistance too. Add in the longevity and anti-aging benefits, and I think you can see why I love these water ionizers so much. You'll discover the top under counter water ionizer, countertop water ionizer and the best hydrogen water generator directly below.


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Under Counter Water Ionizer

The Under Counter Water Ionizer machine give you the most counter space because all that sits on your counter is the water spout (where the ionized alkaline water comes out.) The Tyent Ace-11 under counter water ionizer (pictured above) is beautiful and gives you health at the tap of a button. It also has full controls on the top, so you don't have to go under the sink to get the right water for your needs. It gives you your choice of alkaline pH levels at the tap of a button. It can also give you highly acidic water for safe and effective chemical free cleaning.


It is part of the Tyent line of high quality alkaline water ionizers. The newest model is the ACE-11 turbo under counter water ionizer machine. They give you a beautiful display panel that takes up little counter space. It is a fully functional panel giving you full controls on the type of water you'd like to get. It can be super alkaline for healing; highly alkaline for anti-aging, sports performance, workouts and recovery; or moderately alkaline for everyday use and disease prevention.


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Countertop Water Ionizer

The Countertop Water Ionizer machine is the most common type of water ionizer. It is the easiest to use in setup. The Tyent Ace-13 (pictured above) is the top countertop water ionizer because it produces the highest quality water. The newest model is the ACE-13 Turbo Above Counter Water Ionizer. They take up little space as they are about the size of a laptop computer stood on edge. They have a beautiful design that looks like a quality appliance.


And you will get compliments and people wanting to try it, as it is a conversation starter, particularly among those that are health conscious or athletic people. It is indeed the ultimate advantage to looking and feeling your best. Having your own ionized alkaline water generator or ionizer can help you avoid doctor visits by keeping you in optimum health and wellness. Don't just get older, learn how to age gracefully so you don't look or feel your age. Drinking ionized water is a key to that!


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Hydrogen Water Ionizer Machine

A molecular Hydrogen Water Ionizer Machine (pictured above) makes hydrogen rich ionized water or H2 water. H2 water is full of molecular hydrogen not bound to oxygen so it can do it's advanced healing and hydration like nothing else. It is a natural healing and superior hydration device that makes the best healing and rejuvenation filled water you can get anywhere on the planet. Tyent USA makes a Hybrid Water Ionizer (pictured above) that is both a hydrogen water generating ionizer and an Alkaline Water Ionizer at the same time.


These are the top of the line water ionizers and are super hydrating for advanced health and healing benefits. All water is H2O or two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen. There is plenty of molecular hydrogen in regular water, but it is bound to the oxygen molecule so it can't bind to free radicals in your body because it's already bound.


When hydrogen is not bound to another molecule it is a superior healing nutrient that helps prevent chronic illness, aging, and disease. It helps relieve the effects of stress and inflammation in your body. It is the most healing, rejuvenating and hydrating water you will ever try. It truly gives you the edge that no one else has. For more information with a 75 day free in home trial and a forever lifetime warranty, visit Tyent Water Ionizer Machine.


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