Best Portable Water Filter

Best Portable Water Filters

Best Portable Water Filter

There are different types of Portable Water Filters that meet whatever water purification need you have, all in compact portable designs. The Best Portable Water Filter is the the one that gets the level of filtering you need, in the environment you need it to work in. If you're trying to filter muddy outdoor lake water, then you need a specific type filter for that. If you live in a radiation or lead contaminated area, that also requires a specific filter that will get the heavy metals and contamination out.


They have special portable water filters and purifiers that can also get out the microbes in water that can make you sick, like amoeba, e-coli, giardia, bacteria, viruses, protozoa and other “nasties.”  The best portable water filters are listed in the order of most simple to most complex. If you want to purify tap water, then a gravity type water filter will serve you well. If you're into nature like I am, then there are very good special filters that are powerful enough to make outdoor water safe.


When I go camping, hiking or backpacking, I personally use a combination of one filter (Katadyn) and one purifier (UV Water Purifier) to be 100% sure I don't come down with any water related illness. The Katadyn is for filtering dirty water, and the UV purifier is to make sure it 100% safe from microbes that can make you sick in the woods, where help is not always readily available. They are small, compact and you can easily carry them around in your backpack, daypack or even pocket. The best portable water filter is a Berkey Water Filter by far and you can see them at the bottom of this page!


berkey filter


Gravity Water Filter

A good Gravity Water Filter like the top of the line Berkey Water Filter (pictured above), is one that I do highly recommend! They are powerful water filter units that get the harmful additives in your tap water out. They can purify almost any water (lake, river, stream) and turn it into ultra purified drinking water. They are frequently out of stock and sometimes for a very long time. Fortunately you can get a Berkey Alternative that uses the fluoride removing filters and black Berkey filters called the Waterdrop Gravity Filter.


They also last forever as they are made durable and are very beautiful units too. They have a specialized fluoride filter, that most others lack, and is another reason I love them so much. They are by far the best portable water filter you can get. 


ro water filter pitcher

Pitcher Water Filter

A Pitcher Water Filter (like the Brita or Pur) is a really simple filter that is primarily for indoor use. Made for tap water to be poured into the top of the pitcher, and better tasting water comes out when you pour it into a glass. Most are not very powerful, with the a notable exception, which do not get out the toxic fluoride put into most people's tap water. They primarily get rid of the “Taste” of chlorine, not the chlorine itself. They may get better in the future but most are simple ways to make your tap water taste better, no less, no more.


The notable exception is the AquaTru Fluoride Removing Water Pitcher (pictured above) which does get out fluoride. The Zero Water pitcher is good, but does not say it gets the fluoride out. It is the best portable water filter pitcher you can get hands down. It is so easy to use and can be used in your refrigerator on on a table top!   

alkaline water filter

Portable Alkaline Water Filter

You can make your best water even better by using a Portable Alkaline Water Filter. These are usually water bottle filter types that add alkaline minerals that are lacking in most tap or bottled water, and transforms your acidic, unhealthy water into highly refreshing, better tasting and more healthy alkaline water. The Cerra Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher (pictured above) gets out any toxins and leaves your water a healthy alkaline pH!

They actually work well, and If I didn't have an Water Ionizer (which also makes the water ionized, adding more hydrogen and electrical potential, turning it into a powerful antioxidant, also known as ORP rating) I would just use one of these alkalizing water filter pitchers. It is the best water filter pitcher that produces alkaline water.


hiking water filters

Portable UV Water Filter

The Portable UV Water Filter (like the Steripen pictured above) is one of my favorites. It is not really a filter at all but a water purifier. It does not filter (remove objects out) rather it zaps living organisms in your water with ultra violet light and sterilizes them so they do not make you sick. It won't remove chemicals, sediment, fluoride or chlorine, but it will zap the harmful things like giardia, viruses, bacteria and protozoa that can make you very sick.


You're in nature because you want to be healthy and enjoy yourself not be sick, so that's why I highly recommend you have this if you are using a straw or water bottle filter. If you are using a more powerful type filter like reverse osmosis or a Katadyn Pocket Water Filter (made for hiking, camping and backpacking) then you don't need it, even though I personally have and recommend both the Katadyn and UV if on the go and the Berkey Water Filter (the best portable water filter) if you are camping

katadyn portable water filter

Katadyn Portable Water Filter

The Katadyn Portable Water Filter (pictured above) is my personal favorite manual filter. The one pictured above is the Katadyn Pocket Water Filter. I love it because it needs no electricity, is very sturdy and is built to last. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of the wilderness or dying of thirst and come to a questionable source of water (lake, pond, etc.) and finding out your batteries are dead, your water filter is broke, or not working at all!


They do offer a hiking water filter models (Hiker Pro and Vario) that are less expensive (plastic models) which are rated pretty well, but again I want to be 100% sure, when I need it, I can get clean and safe drinking water from any source! All you have to do is put one end in the water source, and use the manual pump to push water through the ultra micro filter. It down to the micron level, and is specifically made for questionable outdoor water sources. 


portable water filters


LifeStraw Water Filters

LifeStraw water filters are great for emergency or outdoor water purification using water from any source. They are compact and powerful water filters and purifiers. You can get the straw water filters as well as gravity water filters. They have a great range of portable water filters to choose from. See: LifeStraw Water Filters.

alkaline reverse osmosis filter

Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Having a Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Filter like the Zip Reverse Osmosis Countertop Filter (pictured above) provides you the highest level of filtering, as Reverse Osmosis filtering removes  everything from your water. It is what high end water purification systems use as the base for clean water. It removes fluoride, chlorine, chemicals, flushed prescription medicines, and most pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungus, protozoa, etc.) from your drinking water. It also leaves your water a healthy alkaline!


You can use these anywhere, and as long as you don't drop it off a building, run over it or accidentally crush it (these are plastic units, as most are), you will have highly purified and safe drinking water wherever you are. 


hot cold water dispenser

Hot Cold Dispenser Filter

Having a Hot Cold Dispenser like the WaterDrop RO Hot Cold Dispenser Filter (pictured above) provides you the highest level of filtering, as Reverse Osmosis filtering removes all toxins and microbials from your water. It is what high end water purification systems and filters use as the base for ultra pure water. They completely remove fluoride, chlorine, chemicals, flushed prescription medicines, and most pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungus, protozoa, etc.) from your drinking water. 


You can use these water filters anywhere as they are countertop water filter dispensers that have the most powerful reverse osmosis filters in them. You will have highly purified and clean drinking water wherever you are that tastes as clean as it is. The main thing is to use at least one of these methods, or ideally two (adding the UV filter, unless you're getting the Katadyn or RO filter.) Then you can rest assured that you will be safe and have access to clean drinking water from any water source. If you want the very best portable water filter then you will absolutely want the Berkey Water Filter (shown below.)

They not only look like high end equipment, they actually are! It is a water filter that you can use at any outing and people will ask you about it. For home use, parties, outings or get together's, there is no better portable water filter. If you are an avid outdoors person and love traversing the “great outdoors” as much as I do, then you will absolutely love the Berkey Gravity Water Filter, it is by far the #1 Best Portable Water Filter in the world.

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