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Pure Effect Water Filters

Pure Effect Water Filters Want the best overall water filter for your home, office or RV? Pure Effect Water Filters are that by a country mile. I'm sure you know by now that if you value your health and sanity, you should not drink tap water period. There are just too many toxic heavy metals, radiation, viruses, pathogens, flushed prescription medicines, brain eating amoeba and industrial chemicals that are still alive and running amok in your tap water. Having the best water filter you can get is no longer a luxury but a necessity! The pure effect water filters are the top of the line and easiest to install of all home water filters. That is the purpose of this pure effect water filter review to show you exactly why you will want to choose this filter over all others. And, it removes all the nasties that all other filters can't, because of it's micronized zeolite filters and ultraviolet filters (UV filters) that are in the best water purification units you can get. PFAS Health Effects What are PFAS Health Effects? PFAS are being found in your drinking water now. These PFAS forever chemicals are becoming a huge problem for human health. These manmade PFAS or “forever chemicals” are now being discovered in your bloodstream, organs and tissues in higher levels. PFAS in drinking water are being detected at levels that are considered unsafe for human health.   The term PFAS stands for polyfluoroalkyl substances, it’s an umbrella term for a family of thousands of forever chemicals – about 12,000 at the last count – that are prized for their indestructible and non-stick properties in …

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