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Pure Effect Filters     Pure Effect Water Filter Review I’m sure you know by now that if you value your health and sanity, you should not drink tap water period. There are just too many toxic heavy metals, radiation, viruses, pathogens, flushed prescription medicines, brain eating amoeba and industrial chemicals that are still alive in most tap water. Having a really good water filter is no longer a luxury but a necessity! The pure effect filters are the top of the line and easiest to install of all home water filters. That is the purpose of this pure effect water filter review to show you exactly why you will want to choose this filter over all others.    This one, pictured above is the one I love most as it is simple, easy to install, easy to replace filters, yet one of the most powerful water filters on the planet, even besting Reverse Osmosis units, which are considered the gold standard. Only the Pure Effects filters have natural zeolite in them, and that is a very powerful benefit that the others don’t have. Zeolites are amazing crystals that remove heavy metals, radiation, mycotoxins (mold, yeast, fungus), viruses and environmental chemicals like VOC’s, glyphosates, pesticides and chemicals. It is also an alkaline mineral, so it makes your drinking water a healthy pH level too. You can discover more about why this is such a great thing at: Zeolite Reviews.     Fluoride Water Filter The Pure Effects is a powerful Fluoride Water Filter. It removes toxic sodium fluoride, chlorine, lead, aluminum, barium, mercury, even nuclear radiation particles. It removes microbes, even the tiniest ones with …

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Best Whole House Water Filter System Reviews

whole house water filter system review

Whole House Water Filter System Reviews     Whole House Water Filter System It’s no secret that we need quality drinking water to not only live but thrive on this planet. Your body is about 70-75% water, as is our whole planet. Without water no life on earth would exist. Not only is water crucial to all life, the quality of the water we drink (and cook, rinse our food, wash our face with and bathe in) to a large extent will determine our health and performance levels. The quality of your life will largely depend on the quality of what you put into your body. There is no substitute for getting the Best Whole House Water Filter System you can get!   One of easiest things I ever did to improve my health and fitness levels was to improve the quality of my drinking water. I chose the top alkaline water filter at the best price that got out all the toxins  like fluoride, glyphosate, chloramine, radiation, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals (prescription medications flushed down the toilet that end up in your drinking water), microorganisms (amoeba, bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold, etc.)     Chemicals In Drinking Water? Did you know there are typically hundreds of chemicals, if not thousands in your drinking water? Along with bacteria, amoeba, viruses, parasites, radiation, fluoride, chloramine, chlorine, nitrates, hormones, pharmaceutical drugs, aluminum, lead, mercury, arsenic, glyphosate and pesticide run off.   I’m sure you know most of the chemicals lead to cancer and the pathogens can make you sick as well. Removing the harmful ones, and leaving or even adding the beneficial ones (that make the water a healthy …

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Why You Need a Drinking Water Filter

is tap water safe to drink

Why You Need a Drinking Water Filter      Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? You hear so many reports that tap water is better than bottled water one day. Then the next day we hear about thousands of people being poisoned by drinking tap water. So, which is the most accurate? Well, that depends on where you live. Some municipalities (water districts that deliver water to your home or office) are far better than others at eliminating the most harmful things that can be living in your tap water. Some, if not most, add sodium fluoride, which is an environmental toxin as well as very bad for your health (and it doesn’t help your teeth, as advertised either!)    Most bottled water IS tap water, ran through a crude brita type filter, that masks the flavor of chlorine and fluoride but does not do anything to remove them. Some even add extra fluoride! Unless it is ionized water, or Reverse Osmosis purified, then it has a lot of things you wish you hadn’t known about, but are far better off not putting into your body.  So now that we realize that most bottled water is really tap water, sold to you as a better water at a very high price, you can see if that tap water is really safe to drink or not.     What is in Tap Water? There is an ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan where toxic heavy metals like lead is being dumped into the tap water they use for drinking and bathing. Whole families are being poisoned and have become very ill because of drinking and bathing in their …

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