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Why You Need a Drinking Water Filter

is tap water safe to drink

Why You Need a Drinking Water Filter      Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? You hear so many reports that tap water is better than bottled water one day. Then the next day we hear about thousands of people being poisoned by drinking tap water. So, which is the most accurate? Well, that depends on where you live. Some municipalities (water districts that deliver water to your home or office) are far better than others at eliminating the most harmful things that can be living in your tap water. Some, if not most, add sodium fluoride, which is an environmental toxin as well as very bad for your health (and it doesn’t help your teeth, as advertised either!)    Most bottled water IS tap water, ran through a crude brita type filter, that masks the flavor of chlorine and fluoride but does not do anything to remove them. Some even add extra fluoride! Unless it is ionized water, or Reverse Osmosis purified, then it has a lot of things you wish you hadn’t known about, but are far better off not putting into your body.  So now that we realize that most bottled water is really tap water, sold to you as a better water at a very high price, you can see if that tap water is really safe to drink or not.     What is in Tap Water? There is an ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan where toxic heavy metals like lead is being dumped into the tap water they use for drinking and bathing. Whole families are being poisoned and have become very ill because of drinking and bathing in their …

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